Career Coaching

Navigating your career can sometimes leave you feeling lost, blocked, frustrated, and in need of some help moving forward. 

Career coaching is a working alliance between you and your coach. It will help you identify and understand challenges and obstacles, recognize their impact, and develop personalized strategies in addressing them. A series of career coaching appointments can help you to:

  • Develop a deeper self-awareness and self-concept
  • Clarify your career-related goals
  • Break through various limitations and barriers
  • Build motivation while working towards immediate and future goals
  • Strengthen your approach to lifelong learning and self-discovery


  • $90/package of 3 coaching appointments
  • $50/additional appointment (only available after completing the initial package of 3 appointments)

How to book

Coaching appointments can be purchased online. You must create a user account before purchasing.

After purchasing, you will be contacted by a career coach to set up your first appointment.

Purchase Coaching Appointments

Justin Pritchard

Career Development Expert/Career Coach/T2C Instructor
2-701B Students' Union Building

Justin Pritchard has been employed at the Career Centre in various roles since 2011, including his current role as a Career Coach for the T2C program. As a Coach, he works closely with clients to help them uncover creative tactics for exploring career opportunities, as well as develop targeted work search strategies and tools. Justin has been certified as a Life Coach and Executive Coach by the Certified Coach Federation.

His work at the Career Centre intersects with his role as the Past-President of a mindfulness group on campus, and is researching and disseminating information on the relationship between careers and mindfulness. Justin has a long-standing personal and professional mindfulness practice, which he shares with his clients, colleagues and the participants who have attended many of the health and wellness events he has presented at over the years.

As a parallel career, Justin is a Freelance Graphic Designer with a work history that started in fashion design in 2005 and segued into other design domains — including interiors, visual display, graphics, web, instruction, visual communications and design research. Because of his expertise in this area, he has presented at various conferences on the topic of design thinking in career development. Additionally, Justin is a Sessional Instructor in the Department of Art and Design and has completed a Master of Design (MDes) degree, which investigated the relationship between creativity and mindfulness in education.

Jia Jia

T2C Team Lead/Career Coach
2-701A Students' Union Building

Jia has worked in career development since 2008, and she has been with the U of A Career Centre since 2010. She had a broad range of experience in student advising, employer relations management, and program/event administration. Jia is a firm believer of lifelong learning and she loves working with students. She obtained her second Master's degree in Business Administration in 2016, her first graduate degree is a Master's degree in Educational Psychology.

Jia was involved with the Transition to Career (T2C) Program from the planning stage as the Program Developer. Jia has been certified as a Life Coach and Executive Coach by the Certified Coach Federation. Now she is working directly with T2C participants in assisting them to succeed.