Career Coaching

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To support physical distancing, our career coaches are working remotely. Upcoming appointments will be moved to either Google Hangouts or phone.

Navigating your career can sometimes leave you feeling lost, blocked, frustrated, and in need of some help moving forward.

Career coaching is a working alliance between you and your coach. It will help you identify and understand challenges and obstacles, recognize their impact, and develop personalized strategies in addressing them. A series of career coaching appointments can help you to:

  • Develop a deeper self-awareness and self-concept
  • Clarify your career-related goals
  • Break through various limitations and barriers
  • Build motivation while working towards immediate and future goals
  • Strengthen your approach to lifelong learning and self-discovery


U of A students, alumni, and staff:

  • $150/package of 3 coaching appointments (must be purchased initially)
  • $50/additional appointment (only available after completing the initial package of 3 appointments)


  • $300/package of 3 coaching appointments (must be purchased initially)
  • $100/additional appointment (only available after completing the initial package of 3 appointments)

How to Purchase

  1. Go to campusBRIDGE portal to sign up for an account.
    Check out this quick video on setting up an account in campusBridge.
  2. Select your status as student, staff, alumni or guests depending on your relationship to the university. (If you are a student, you can log in using your CCID and password. Other types of users may need to first register for a new user account.)
  3. Once registered go to the Online Store. You will find two products under Career Coaching: Initial Coaching Package, and Additional Coaching Appointment.
  4. If this is your first time purchasing Career Coaching, please select the Initial Coaching Package. (Additional appointments can be purchased once you've purchased the initial package of three appointments.)
  5. After purchasing, you will be contacted by a career coach to set up your first appointment.
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  1. Go to campusBRIDGE portal and log in to your account.
  2. Once logged in, go to Career Centre Appointments. You can find all open appointments by clicking on View Calendar, or you can use Book by Appointment Type or Book by Appointment Provider.

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Jia Jia

Team Lead and Career Coach

  • About Jia

    A career practitioner since 2008, Jia's career trajectory includes various roles in career advising, employer relations, career coaching, as well as program development and administration.

    Like many people in Canada, Jia came from a different culture and, as such, developed a keen interest in cross-cultural experience and cultural adaptation. As part of her Masters in Education, her thesis focused on social and cultural factors affecting the well-being of newcomers. Jia uses the knowledge she gained in school and continuously reflects on her personal cross-cultural experience to develop an acute awareness of the challenges and obstacles clients with international backgrounds might face.

    Jia has acquired a solid understanding of the needs and expectations of employers from a broad range of industries. She also remains current on labour market trends and recruitment practices, and actively shares her findings with clients and colleagues. Her advanced training in business administration has enhanced her ability in building successful collaborations with community partners and stakeholders, making T2C a uniquely effective learning opportunity for all career explorers.

    She is a mother of two, a hobbyist painter, a life-long learner, and a full-time employee, and understands challenges in juggling competing demands in life. Subjects that are close to Jia's heart include work-life balance, self-compassion and self-care, resilience, self-actualization, diversity and equality in the workplace, as well as women and leadership.

    As the Team Lead of Transition to Career (T2C) and Career Coach at the U of A Career Centre, Jia is dedicated to the success of our program participants and coaching clients. She is also a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation.

Justin Pritchard

Career Coach

  • About Justin

    Justin Pritchard has been employed at the Career Centre in various roles since 2011, including his current role as a Career Coach for the T2C program. As a Coach, he works closely with clients to help them uncover creative tactics for exploring career opportunities, as well as develop targeted work search strategies and tools. Justin is a Certified Career Development practitioner through the CDAA as well as a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coach Federation.

    His work at the Career Centre intersects with his role as the Past-President of a mindfulness group on campus, and is researching and disseminating information on the relationship between careers and mindfulness. Justin has a long-standing personal and professional practice, which he shares with his clients, colleagues and the participants who have attended many of the health and wellness events he has presented at over the years.

    As a parallel career, Justin is a Freelance Graphic Designer with a work history that started in fashion design in 2005 and segued into other design domains - including interiors, visual display, graphics, web, instruction, visual communications and design research. Because of his expertise in this area, he has presented at various conferences on the topic of design thinking in career development. Additionally, Justin is a Sessional Instructor in the Department of Art and Design and has completed a Master of Design (MDes) degree, which investigated the relationship between creativity and mindfulness in education.