Design Changes

What you will see during the migration

Moving to Cascade has allowed us to make a number of code and small design improvements. There are a number of benefits to these changes:

  1. Upgrading to the latest code libraries (ex: Bootstrap 4)
  2. Improved performance with page load speeds due to reduction in amount of code
  3. More flexibility for CMS users when building and editing sites

Because of these changes, sites in Cascade will look slightly different than sites in Sitecore. The notable design changes are as follows:


White Background

In order to improve contrast and readability of text, page backgrounds in Cascade will be white.


Flat design

Sitecore menus currently have clear dividers as well as shadows/bevels.
Cascade menus use a flat design, add a Home item and align to the left.

Aligning the main navigation to left and adjusting the width of each item to the text allows for more items to be added if needed.


Left Menus

Left navigation menus have also been redesigned and will now only show immediate children or siblings (if present) of the current item.

Using Sitecore terminology, these menus behave the same as selecting the "Enable Root Navigation" option in Sitecore.

The new left navigation reduces code by limiting the size of the menu and improves mobile usability by showing only the navigation selections within the current section.

Left menu on desktop


Left menu on mobile



Breadcrumb Trail


The breadcrumb trail replaces the "Home" text with a home icon in order to save space and avoid repetition of the word home that is also used in the main navigation.