How Migration Works

Data Migration

On the designated start date, UR Digital will take a snapshot of your current Sitecore website content and import that into Cascade. At this point you should freeze ongoing content changes to your site. Any changes you make to your Sitecore site after this point will also need to be made with your Cascade site.

Following the auto content migration, permissions will be granted to the site admin(s). 

Post-Migration tasks

Once the content has been migrated to Cascade, there are additional tasks to complete in order to finalize the migration:

  • Reorder left nav listings (if desired)
  • Recreate shared content (if used)
  • Migrate media galleries to sortable data lists (or use newsroom function)
  • Adjust the newsroom configuration and layout - existing news RSS feeds will need to be replaced with a newsroom component copy
  • Check and fix teaser data lists that use sources other than news
  • Correct any pages that did not format correctly or have style issues
  • Migrate forms to google forms if not already done.
  • Set up permissions for other site users

The above tasks will be completed by the CMS Migration Specialists in UR Digital in consultation with site admins.


QA and UAT

Once the manual clean-up has been completed, the final step is to review the site and verify the layout, appearance and functionality looks and works as expected. Here is a link to an outline of the verification procedure to follow.



UR Digital will publish the site and request you to complete a final QA scan to confirm all is working as expected.

For full reference, here is a link to the migration checklist showing the activities, approximate duration and accountable owner.

Note: You will still have access to Sitecore until December 2020, but only changes made in Cascade will be publishable after the migration.