Migration from Sitecore to Cascade has started.

Beginning with the institutional pages, all Sitecore sites will be migrated to Cascade over the next 12-14 months.

The time required to migrate your site will vary depending on the size, complexity and availability of resources. The entire migration process is described here.

For details on migration progress, check the scheduling and progress pages.

What you will see during the migration

Moving to Cascade has provided the U of A to make a number of code and small design changes. There are a number of benefits to these changes:

  1. Upgrading to the latest code libraries (ex: Bootstrap 4)
  2. Improved performance with page load speeds due to reduction in amount of code
  3. More flexibility for CMS users when building and editing sites

Because of these changes, sites in Cascade will look slightly different than sites in Sitecore. Click here to see more information on the design changes.