Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Facility

The Department of Cell Biology utilizes a Philips 410 transmission electron microscope for ultrastructural research. The microscope can achieve up to 300,000× magnification at 100 kV accelerating voltage and is equipped with a goniometer specimen stage for stereoscopic imaging and a CCD camera with imaging software (iTEM, Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions) for digital imaging.

The TEM facility has three ultramicrotomes (Ultracut E, Reichert-Jung) for semi-thin and thin sectioning. One of the ultramicrotomes is equipped with an FC4D attachment (Reichert-Jung) for cryo-sectioning. The TEM facility routinely prepares samples for conventional and immuno-EM using cell monolayers, cell pellets or tissue samples.

The TEM facility is available for use by different departments at the University of Alberta. A minimum fee will be charged to cover the recurring expenses of the facility. For more information, please contact Dr. Nasser Tahbaz at (780) 492-9281.