Department of Cell Biology

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Cell Biology, in conjunction with the Faculty of Science offers a B.Sc. Honors or Specialization in Cell Biology. The goal of modern cell biology is to establish a molecular understanding of cells exploiting techniques drawn from molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, microscopy and biophysics.

Admission to programs in the Faculty of Science is competitive.  Specific yearly admission information, including competitive averages, can be found here.

The minimum high school admission requirement is 85% for the Honors program and 80% for the Specialization program, plus the approval of the Faculty and the Department. For University transfer students, the minimum GPA is 3.0 for the Honors program and 2.3 for the Specialization program on at least 24 credits in the preceding Fall/Winter.

The Department of Cell Biology is committed to building upon its research strengths. Students are strongly encouraged to register in CELL 398498 or 499 so that they may participate in supervised individual research projects. The goal is to give students a broad and practical knowledge base to cultivate independent and productive future researchers.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Biomedical Research will recognize students who have engaged extensively in the world-class biomedical research programs available at the University of Alberta.  It requires the completion of laboratory courses focused on developing technical skills, research courses focused on developing research knowledge, and independent research projects focused on applying these skills.  Interested students must contact their Undergraduate Coordinator or the undergraduate program advisor prior to application for convocation, to ensure that requirements are met. More information is available here.

Many of our Honors and Specialization students have received awards from Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions (AIHS) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for summer research internships.

For information about the Undergraduate program in Cell Biology please contact the undergraduate coordinator Dr. Gary Eitzen.

See links below for detailed course requirements for both programs.