Centre for Teaching and Learning

About CTL

The Centre for Teaching and Learning works with instructors and programs to develop engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students by Inspiring, Empowering, Modeling, and Connecting excellent teaching at the University of Alberta.


Teaching is the heart of the University of Alberta. It is the reason students join our educational community; it is the primary reason the government supports us financially; and it is the reason alumni remember us. At the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), we work with instructors at all levels and in all disciplines to develop the best instruction possible.

How do we do this? From the very beginning of CTL (formerly University Teaching Services) in the 1980s we have worked one-to-one with instructors from across the campus. Our current mentoring program has its roots in these efforts. Instructors have always been able to trust that the advice they receive from CTL is well-researched, appropriate, and customized to their needs in curriculum, assessment, educational technology, and online teaching. For 30 years our peer mentoring program has matched instructors with experienced professors to provide support and encouragement discretely. This year we will add the ability for you to record yourself as you teach in order to improve your classroom delivery. If you decide to share that recording with a member of the CTL team, they will be happy to review it with you to identify your strengths and areas to improve.

In addition to working with individual instructors, we offer a variety of professional development workshops (faculty-specific and university-wide). We work with departments to create blended delivery courses (part in-person, part online), and to evaluate curriculum. Our goal in collaborating is to develop the best teaching and learning experiences both in classrooms and outside of the traditional classroom.

If the innovations you identify with CTL involve technology, we support that, too. Our educational developers and production team can introduce you to software applications that can promote student engagement with course material. While technology is not a panacea for all teaching challenges, it can sometimes offer more efficient and effective ways for students to interact with course material. CTL can identify useful technologies and get you started using them.

Each year we invite the entire campus community to celebrate with us at events that showcase great teaching and highlight exciting new strategies. We also host several conferences and workshops each year to bring cutting edge ideas to our campus and highlight critical issues that we, as a learning community, need to be aware of and respond to. Finally, we coordinate a long list of teaching awards and funding opportunities to recognize great teaching and provide evidence-based approaches to developing first-class instruction.

Connect with us by attending our workshops and conferences, by emailing ctl@ualberta.ca to schedule a one-to-one consultation, or by reading the materials we’ve posted on this site. Join us to as we seek to transform learning in the 21st century.