Participation in University Governance

Committees and Councils

The GFC Committee on the Learning Environment (CLE) is the General Faculties Council committee responsible for the promotion of excellence in teaching and of an optimal learning environment, as well as with the provision of appropriate information resources to the university community as a whole.

CTL interfacecs with CLE.

The Director of CTL serves as an ex-officio member of CLE and the Director/Associate Directors/CTL staff regularly offer expertise as members of CLE subcommittees. CTL is also the operational arm for the initiatives of the Vice-Provost (Academic Programs and Instruction), who is responsible for chairing GFC CLE.

In its privileged position providing service to instructors, CTL is able to identify teaching related issues for which policy and leadership is required. CTL researches and makes policy and other recommendations for CLE's consideration and endorsement through established governance channels.

CLE Subcommittee Reports