Centre for Teaching and Learning

Awards for Faculty Excellence

Awards for Faculty Excellence Policy (UAPPOL)

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is responsible for overseeing the nomination process for the following high profile teaching and teaching innovation related internal awards. CTL's Strategic Initiatives Manager supports academics in their pursuit of teaching awards by helping to identify award opportunities and offering tips on developing a strong nomination package. Copies of previous successful nomination packages for many of these awards are available for review in CTL. For more information or assistance contact Curtis Champagne, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Centre for Teaching and Learning (780.492.9302 or curtisc@ualberta.ca).

Brief descriptions of the teaching related Awards for Faculty Excellence are published below. The application procedure and submission requirements for each award can be found by clicking on the award name.


Distinguished University Professor (UAPPOL)

Description: The title of Distinguished University Professor at the University of Alberta recognizes those exceptional faculty members who are globally recognized leaders and whose exemplary teaching, research and citizenship have made them leaders in their disciplines internationally. They serve as senior advisors to the University Community, and act as mentors and exemplars to other professors. Full-time members of the academic teaching staff may be appointed as a University Professor.
Value: The DUP salary will be the salary as a full-time member ranked as Professor. The Office of the Provost will make available an additional allowance of $20,000 per year for the duration of the academic appointment. This allowance should be considered a research prize due to each awardee.  In 2016, up to two (2) Distinguished University Professors may be awarded.
Deadline: First working day of May.


Henry Marshall Tory Chair (UAPPOL)

Description: The Henry Marshall Tory Teaching Chairs are expected, through their teaching, research and service, to impact the University and the community. The appointments are intended for outstanding individuals who by their presence will enhance the reputation of the University and who can provide leadership and experience for the strengthening of teaching and research in specific disciplines. Research and teaching in interdisciplinary fields are encouraged. Full-time members of the academic teaching staff may be appointed as a Tory Chair.
Deadline: As per date advertised.


McCalla Professorship* (Revised UAPPOL Procedure coming soon.)

Description: Revised description coming soon.
Value:  Funds in the amount of $20,000 will be available.  Full details to follow.


University Cup (UAPPOL)

Description: The University Cup at the University of Alberta was created to recognize contributions to scholarly research, teaching and service to the community and University and by this recognition to provide incentive, encouragement and guidance for others to significantly contribute to their fields. Any full-time member of the academic teaching staff with 20 years of service as a faculty member in a university community and at least 10 years of service as a faculty member at the University of Alberta may apply.
Value: $5,000;  Replica of the University Cup and name engraved on base of original cup.
Deadline: First working day of May.


Vargo Teaching Chair (UAPPOL)

Description: Vargo Teaching Chairs at the University of Alberta have been created to foster excellence in teaching at the University. This program is committed to support individuals demonstrating innovative and creative teaching methods which enhance learning by undergraduate and graduate students. Full-time members of the academic teaching staff may be appointed as a Vargo Chair.
Value: $20,000/annum for approved research and teaching initiatives.
Deadline: First working day of May (as vacancies arise).


For a complete list of academic awards and recipients visit ualberta.ca/academicawards. Use the search tool or navigate to the award you are interested in. For discipline specific awards select the appropriate field of study and determine which award(s) are applicable.