Call for Stories - Failures and Rebounds in Teaching

Excellence in teaching deserves to be celebrated. Innovation in teaching deserves to be showcased. Learning in teaching needs to be shared.

Each year, the Festival of Teaching and Learning showcases excellent teaching in the form of strategies and innovations which are presented and shared. This year, we also want to highlight teaching as a craft which is developed over time and involves continuous experimentation, refinement, and reflection. As with research, sharing only our stories of success can create bias towards positive results and missed opportunities for learning (e.g. Franco, Malhotra, & Simonovits, 2014). As such, the Festival will feature a panel of presenters who will share their stories of "Failures and Rebounds"; we also invite all those who have taught to submit their anonymous stories to be shared below:  

Submit your anonymous story

Franco, A., Malhotra, N., & Simonovits, G. (2014). Publication bias in the social sciences: Unlocking the file drawer. Science345(6203), 1502-1505.



Friends Don't Let Friends Flip Classrooms Alone

Roger Graves (English and Film Studies)

Watch Roger's story here



My Worst Student Ratings Ever

Neil Haave (Augustana - Sciences)

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