FoT Steering Committee

2016 Membership


  • Janice Miller-Young, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Sarah Forgie, Vice-Prov/Learning Initiatives, Provost and Vice-President (Acad)

Committee Members

  • Ken Cor, Associate Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning 
  • Anne Bailey, Senior Issues and Communication Manager, University Relations
  • Hallie Brodie, Internal Commucations Coordinator, University Relations
  • Jen Carstensen, Administrative Coordinator, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Sarang Gumfekar, Graduate Student's Association
  • Eva Lemaire, Assistant Professor, Campus Saint-Jean
  • Marina Banister, VP Academic, Students' Union
  • Sim Senol, APO, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Janet Wesselius, Associate Professor-Philosphy, Augustana Campus