2018/19 UA OER Awards Projects

Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences
BIOL 107 - Introduction to Cell Biology, BIOL 108 - Introduction to Biological Diversity, BIOL 207 - Molecular Genetics and Heredity, BIOL 208 - Principles of Ecology
Project Lead: Rachel Brown

This project will result in the creation of an image collection to benefit the Department of Biological Sciences and other science-based departments by conducting a needs assessment of the department, curating existing openly licensed images and creating OER content to supplement course materials not currently available as an OER.

Deliverables: (1) Open image database; (2) Update lab manuals with OER content.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
MLSCI 330 - Clinical Hematology
Project Lead: Valentin (Tino) Villatoro

This project aims to create and curate a digital image repository, developed from the large collection of stained hematology microscope slides, open to the public for educational use. The digital repository will contain OER for use in MLSCI 330 and contribute to the creation of open education resources (OER) which is a planned second phase of work by the instructor including screencasts and a customized hematology eBook.

Deliverables: (1) OER for use in MLSCI 330; (2) Open image database

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Cellular Biology
CELL 201 - Introduction to Molecular Cell Biology
Project Lead: Paul LaPointe

Through collaboration with the VR/Robotics team in Rehabilitation Medicine, this project will increase accessibility of existing cellular biology virtual reality (VR) activities for other instructors and design multiple new VR activities to enrich the delivery of CELL 201.

Deliverables: (1) Student-designed VR activities; (2) User-guide for designing VR activities; (3) Starter website.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, School of Dentistry
DDS 545-2 Advanced Pediatric Dentistry
Project Lead: Maryam Sharifzadeh-Amin

This project will update an existing community-developed educational package (4 booklets and workshop materials) to become an open educational resource for use in the School of Dentistry pediatrics curriculum and community education forums.

Deliverables: (1) OER for use in DDS 545-2; (2) Update community education booklets with OER content.

Faculty of Education, Elementary Education
EDEL 316 Communication Through Mathematics Education
Project Lead: Steven Khan

This project will find and customize open educational resources to highlight the learning objectives of the course EDEL 316 with an early focus on identifying the high-leverage areas for OER in this course that may eventually result in the elimination of a $160 required textbook. The project will focus on one aspect of the new (2018) Alberta Teaching Quality Standards: Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge (in this case knowledge of mathematics and the effective teaching of mathematics to elementary-aged learners). The materials and piloted in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

Deliverables: (1) OER for use in EDEL 316.

Faculty of Education, Elementary Education
EDEL 335 Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Social Studies
Project Lead: Sharla Peltier

This project will conduct critical review of existing First Nation Metis and Inuit education materials in Alberta relevant to teaching Social Studies to identify and/or customize OER for teaching of pre-service teachers and/or classroom use by social studies elementary teachers and faculty with appropriate Indigenous contexts in response to recent revisions to Teaching Quality Standard #5: Applying Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Metis and Inuit.

Deliverables: (1) OER for use in EDEL 335.

Faculty of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering
ENV 423 Principles of Air Quality Management and Control
Project Lead: Zaher Hashisho

This project will focus on enhancing an existing online interactive tool which visualizes mathematical scenarios. The tool will be enhanced to support ENVE 423 and the code will be openly licensed to allow reuse in other disciplines.

Deliverables: (1) OER for use in ENVE 423; (2) Updates to existing online activities; (3) Guidebook for reusable online activities.

Faculty of Science, Psychology Science
SCI 101 Scientific Literacy and Critical Thinking
Project Lead: Claire Scavuzzo

This project will find and customize open educational resources to highlight the learning objectives of the course, SCI 101 (Scientific Literacy and Critical Thinking) with a long term objective of reuse in a broader scale across science-based programs. Assignments and formative and summative assessments will be developed with the newly sourced materials and piloted in Fall/Winter 2018.

Deliverables: (1) OER for use in SCI 101.