2014 CTL Summer Student Employment Awards Recipients

2014 Undergraduate Student Awards

Recipient: Alysha Wagner (BSc - Biology)
Production of 4S Applications and learning objects for AUBIO 230 - Molecular Cell Biology course utilizing Team-Based Learning (TBL) strategy
Instructor: Dr. Neil Haave (Augustana Science)

Recipient: Sarah-Jeanne Bélec (BA - French)
Developing student-focused learning objects for HISTE 121 - Histoire du monde préindustriel and HISTE 122 - Histoire du monde industrialisé
Instructor: Dr. Anne Boerger (Campus Saint-Jean)

Recipient: Yeon Soo (Jennifer) Ha (BA - Political Studies and Global & Development Studies)
Developing the content and curriculum for the new introductory cornerstone course in social sciences
Instructor: Dr. Shauna Wilton (Augustana Science)


2014 Graduate Student Awards

Recipient: Caroline Cheng (PhD - Biological Sciences)
Development of web-based learning tools, searchable database and mirrored instructor database for BIOL 207 - Molecular Genetics and Heredity
Instructor: Dr. Allen Good (Biological Sciences)

Recipient: Florian Kaumanns (MSc - Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Development of lab curriculum for ECE 360 - Control System I
Instructor: Dr. Alan Lynch (Electrical & Computer Engineering)