2015 CTL Summer Student Employment Awards Recipients

2015 Undergraduate Student Awards

Recipient: Abdulla Abdulla (BSc - Mechanical Engineering)
Development of online homework tools for CHE 243 Engineering Thermodynamics. An introduction to the first and second laws of thermodynamics
Instructors: Dr. Janet Elliott, Dr. Anastasia Elias (Chemical & Materials Engineering)

Recipient: Alexander Schoeddert (BEd/BSc - Campus Saint-Jean)
Development and improvement of protocols, sustainability, and teaching and learning objects for the undergraduate teaching science labs
Instructors: Dr. Sara Pelletier, Manon Lepage (Campus Saint-Jean)

Recipient: Min Ku Kang (BSc Honors - Molecular Genetics)
"Open Genetics" textbook upgrade for BIOL 207 Molecular Genetics and Heredity
Instructor: Dr. John Locke (Biological Sciences)

Recipient: Miriam Wing (BEd - Elementary)
Development of online, interactive learning objects for EDEL 316 Communication through Mathematics Education
Instructor: Dr. Janelle McFeetors (Elementary Education)


2015 Graduate Student Awards

Recipient: Max Sties (PhD - Econometrics)
Development of resources for labs in ECON 299 Quantitative Methods in Economics and ECON 399 Introductory Econometrics
Instructor: Dr. Sebastian Fossati Pereira (Economics)

Recipient: Meredith Snyder (PhD - English)
Development of an online resource bank for new ENGL 1XX Case Studies in Research course
Instructor: Dr. Teresa Zackodnik (English and Film Studies)