2016 CTL Summer Student Employment Awards Recipients

2016 Undergraduate Student Awards

Recipient: Alexander Choy (BA Honors After Degree - Psychology)
Create a current library of online multimedia learning objects for PSYCO 223 and other human development content focused courses
     - PSHCO 223 Learning Objects Catalogue

Instructor: Dr. Sheree Kwong See (Psychology)

Recipient: Alexandra Malley (BSc - Biology)
Development of 4S Applications and learning objects utilizing Team-Based Learning (TBL) strategy for AUBIO/AUCHE 280-Biochemistry: Proteins, Enzymes and Energy, and AUBIO/AUCHE 381-Biochemistry: Intermediary Metabolism
Instructor: Dr. Neil Haave (Science, Augustana Campus)

Recipient: Azadeh Abdolrazaghi (Linguistics)
LING 101 'Talking Chart' learning object
     - Canadian English Talking Chart

Instructor: Dr. Marina Blekher (Linguistics)

Recipient: Maggie Salopek (BA - Psychology)
Finalize methods and statistics module content, and pilot and evaluate the trial PSYCO 104 module
Instructor: Deanna Singhal, FSO (Psychology)

Recipient: Neil Anderson (BSc - Materials Engineering)
ENGG 404: Engineering Safety and Risk Management course expansion and transitioning to blended learning format
Instructor: Dr. Lianne Lefsrud (Chemical and Materials Engineering)


2016 Graduate Student Awards

Recipient: Belisarius Welgan (MA - Classical Languages)
Development of 3D-printable models of historical astronomical instruments for students
Instructor: Dr. Selina Stewart (History and Classics)

Recipient: Cerina Lee (MPH - Health Promotion)
Redevelopment of 'SPH 514: Introduction to Environmental Health' to address gaps in the current Masters in Public Health (MPH) curriculum and to design and implement interactive directed multimedia material
     - Introduction to SPH 514 Video (YouTube)
Instructor: Dr. Patrick Hanington (School of Public Health)

Recipient: Meredith Snyder (PhD - English)
Development of an online resource bank for the new ‘ENGL 102: Introduction to Critical Analysis’ course
Instructor: Dr. Teresa Zackodnik (English and Film Studies)