Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)

Announcing the 2017-18 TLEF Project Recipients

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund Handbook*

*2018-19 Handbook is coming soon!  Please check back in early November.

2017-18 TLEF Information Session Presentations

Overview Presentation (S Forgie)

Budget Presentation (C Champagne)

Adjudication Process Presentaton

TLEF Professional Development Awards

[Effective May 17/18]  The 2018-19 TLEF PD allocation ($100,000) has been reached.  No further applications for TLEF professional development funding will be accepted at this time.

Please check back in early November for the revised application form.

Announcing the 2018 TLEF Seed Grants

TLEF Seed Grants

Up to $6,000 in Seed Funding is available for instructors to explore and experiment with learning innovations in various settings such as classrooms, labs, or clinics.  Suitable projects include pedagogical research on existing teaching practices, as well as exploratory (e.g., literature review) and pilot projects of new or innovative teaching and learning practices which could then be further leveraged into larger internal and external grants related to teaching and learning enhancement.

Seed Funding Criteria
Application for TLEF Seed Funding (2018-19 application form is coming soon

TLEF Project Forms

Application for TLEF Project Funding (2018-19 application form is coming soon)

TLEF Project Budget Template (XLS)

Reviewer Sheet (DOC)


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