ePortfolios Making Teaching and Learning Visible

School of Library and Information Studies
Jennifer Branch-Mueller, Martine Pellerin, Carol Tonhauser

The research project will conduct a needs assessment of key stakeholders within the University of Alberta to better understand their unique program requirements and to build an ePortfolio that is customizable, personalizable, and easy to use. The project will also build a website and provide workshops for key stakeholders on using ePortfolios to make teaching and learning visible. This will include examples of integrating attributes into student learning outcomes and examining how ePortfolios can be created and used to gather evidence of learning. The completion of this ePortfolio project will help the University of Alberta become a leader in mapping graduate (and undergraduate) attributes, in authentic assessment, and will provide departments, faculties and the University of Alberta with student learning outcome data that can be used for program quality assessment and also for outreach to prospective students, employers, government agencies and the citizens of Alberta and Canada.

What is an ePortfolio

What goes into an ePortfolio

Why is reflection important in an ePortfolio

How to create your ePortfolio in Mahara

Including ePortfolios in your program

Assessing an ePortfolio