2018 TLEF Seed Grant Recipients

Martin Davies, Department of Pharmacology
Title: Construction of a Fentanyl Education Module

Carrie Demmans Epp, Department of Computing Science
Title: Peer Review of Reflective Writing in Computing Science to Train Reflective Practitioners

Manal Kleib, Faculty of Nursing
Title: Interprofessional Simulation to Promote Teamwork and Communication among Nursing and Respiratory Therapy Students

Bernadette Martin, Department of Physical Therapy
Title: Evaluation of Clinical Reasoning within a Clinical Encounter Simulation practical exam station

Ahmed Qureshi, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title: Bloom's Taxonomy in Engineering Design Education

Lisa Stein, Department of Biological Sciences
Title: Expanding the Functionality of STuaRt (Stirred Tank University of Alberta Reactor Training), an Online Virtual Bioreactor for Classroom and Laboratory