CTL Makeover

Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of adjustments to make in the way we work and, for most of us, it may have involved reorganizing our living space, perhaps by turning an area of our home into an office, rearranging furniture or redecorating a room. Since the start of the pandemic a year ago, we have been doing the same - re-arranging and adding to our website with new content to support you, the ‘front-line instructors’. Our feedback shows that you have found this to be extremely helpful when planning, implementing and reflecting on your courses.

However, with all the new content we’ve been adding, it was clear we needed to make it easier to find all this material. So, starting today, you’ll notice our front page has a new, fresh design to make it easier to to navigate.

Underneath the banner is our ‘home row’, consisting of “Support for Teaching”, “Events”, “News”, and “Request a Consultation”. In the Support for Teaching section you will find meaningful resources to support EDI and Indigenous perspectives in your course design and learn how to attribute open resources. Opportunities to learn about and examine learning outcomes to help you to plan, teach, and assess learning are provided. Discover key tools and functions of eClass and Zoom and learn best practices for synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning. Finally, explore CTL’s Effective Teaching Framework to learn what and how to reflect on your teaching. There are also strategies for actions to take after you have reflected to support you as you demonstrate continuous professional development.

The next row (4 squares) is our ‘advertising row’. We’ll be changing at least one of these links every week so there will always be something new to discover! The row after that ("Workshops & Courses", "Indigenizing and Decolonizing", "Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity" and "Open Education”) will be more permanent. We’ve also included a temporary section at the bottom where you can go directly to one of four support areas: Preparing, Implementing, Assessing or Reflecting. This has been a go-to area for many instructors in the past year; you’ll find a wealth of information in each of these areas!

We’re continuing to create new content based on feedback from instructors, departments and faculties, striving to ensure you can find what you need when you need it. We’re proud of our makeover; we trust you’ll find it easier than ever to navigate and find the support you need.

Graeme Pate
Lead Educational Developer,
Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning