Feedback about Feedback

WAC Quick Guides
Literature review for peer feedback

Clear and Concise

Clear and Concise (slides)

The Plain or Low Style

Styles of Academic Writing

Style: A template for analysis
Style: sample documents for analysis

Becoming a Productive Writer

Becoming a Productive Writer (slides)

The Rhetoric of Oil

I paid for an A!

CBC.CA article on writing and AI
CBC.CA article on students buying essays

Better writing through AI: Online writing tools

Better Writing through AI: Online writing tools (slides)

Helping graduate students write better

Working with graduate student writing (slides)
Graduate Student Writers: Self Assessment Form

3 Things Graduate Student Supervisors Want to Know

Mastering Academic Writing: An interview with the authors

Beyond words: visuals in documents

Genre, format, and purpose

Purposes for Writing in the Disciplines

Purposes for Writing

Audience and Rhetorical Situations

Teaching Writing Today

Writing Assignments Across University Disciplines

Writing Assessment: A conversation with Dr. David Slomp

Write Like Your Academic Career Depends On It!

PhD Pharmacy Writing Seminar

Philosophies of Teaching Writing

Good prompt, bad prompt: How to create good writing assignments

Writing Effective Essay Exam Questions(PDF)
Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom, John Bean
Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment in College, Babara Walvoord

Writing the Teaching Philosophy Statement

Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty*, M. Weimer
Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher, S. Brookfield
Developing your Teaching Philosophy
The Courage to Teach, P. Palmer
What the Best College Teachers Do, K. Bains

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How to Respond to Student Writing

Responding to Student Writing: Suggestions from Writing Studies Research

Responding to Student Writing (PPT)

Harvard Writing Project Brief Guide Series: A Brief Guide to Responding to Student Writing (PDF)

Helping Graduate Students Write Well

Helping Graduate Students Write Well

Helping Graduate Students Improve Their Writing

How To Get A Good Thesis Statements

Writing a Working Thesis

Grammar: Should I Grade For It?

Grammar and Errors in Student Writing

Faster and Fairer: Using rubrics to grade written assignments in your class

Health Science Rubrics

WAC Quickguide on Rubrics

Marking Rubrics Slides

CTL Rubrics page

Current-traditional, Process, and Post-process Approaches to Teaching Writing

Current-traditional, process, and post-process approaches to teaching writing (PREZI)

The 10 Minute Assignment Tune-up

10 Minute Assignment Tune-up (PDF)

Formal Writing Assignments: Suggestions from Writing Studies Research (PDF)

Scoring Guides and Rubrics: Suggestions from Writing Studies Research (PDF)

Clear Instructions, Great Expectations: Creating good writing assignments (PDF)

Marking Essays: Designing Rubrics that Work (PDF)

A Conversation with Instructors About Writing Assignments