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Instructor Consultations On Writing Instruction and Assessment

Would you like to improve the writing of your students? Improve their learning of your lecture material? Develop clear and effective writing assessments? Provide effective feedback with less effort? If this interests you, contact Roger Graves at

The program is free: there is no charge to your department and no costs to your students.

What we provide for Instructors:

  • meet to discuss ways to incorporate informal (short, impromptu) writing assignments into any class, small or large
  • review via email or in-person any assignment you give students that has a writing component to help make it clearer for students
  • help develop grading rubrics to improve the speed and accuracy of grading
  • visit your class to help students get started on your writing assignments

What we provide for Departments:

  • hold workshops on creating effective writing assignments
  • host discussions on techniques to improve the writing of students in your programs
  • conduct reviews of writing assignments in your departments courses to identify exactly what your students are being asked to write-and to ensure that they have access to resources on how to write (online and on-campus)

How to apply:
To request a consultation about any aspect of your use of writing in your courses, complete the form below or email Roger Graves:

Roger Graves (
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

Evaluation of requests:
We try to accommodate as many requests as we can. We'll evaluate requests based on how soon they are submitted. You should hear back from us within a week; if not, please send an email to