Class Presentation Slides

Presentations for Students

Reflective Writing: ONCO 254 (Screencast)
Analytic Case Study: RADTH 328 (PDF)
Reflective Writing: Oncology 254 (PDF)
Analytic Research Paper: ARTH 309 (PDF)
Persuasive Research Paper: POLS 350 (PDF)
Policy Brief: POLS 261 (PDF)
Knowledge Translation Policy Brief: OCCTH 566 (PDF)
Term Research Paper: ARTH 309 (PDF)
Term Research Paper: ANSC 375 (PDF)
Term Research Paper: ANSC 120 (PDF)
Scholarly Writing and Reflection: NURS 303 (PDF)
Knowledge Translation Policy Brief: OCCTH 566 (PDF)
Writing an Institutional Critique, Gendered Institutional Analysis: SOC 301 (PDF)
Persuasive Research Paper: POLS 459/566 (PDF)
Group Project Report: ENGL 121 (PDF)
Position Essay: HIST 281 (PDF)
Critical Analysis: HIST 115 (PDF)
Lay Summaries: PHS 603 (PDF)
Successful Professional and Academic Writing: Organized, clear concise, correct: Public Health 2015 (PDF)
Term Research Paper: Animal Science 120 (PDF)
Review Paper: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 467 (PDF)
Term Paper: Economics 512 (PDF)
Term Paper: Economics 211 (PDF)
Research Reports: Economics 399 (PDF)
Scholarly Paper Assignment:Exploratory Paper: Nursing 303 (PDF)
Community Health Assignment Reflection Paper: Nursing 295 (PDF)
How to Write an Editorial Article: Sociology 365 (PDF)
Writing Persuasively: Mechanical Engineering 200 (PDF)
Writing the Literature Review Essay: Animal Science 120 (PDF)
Writing the Research Proposal: EAS 493 (PDF)
Teaching Writing: A Primer for Graduate Students (PDF)
How to Write a Literature Review: HUCO 510 (PDF)
How to Write a Thesis Statement: Religion 274 (PDF)
Examining the Term Paper: PERLS 204 (PDF)
Science, Technology, Society 200: The Short Essay (PDF)
Nursing 494: The Annotated Bibliography Scholarly Paper (PDF)
Human Ecology 201: The Research Essay (PDF)
Biology 107: The Scholarly Essay (PDF)
Biology 108: The Scholarly Essay (PDF)
Nursing 306: The Scholarly Paper (PDF)
Evaluating Writing in History and Classics Courses (PDF)
Sample History Rubric Handout (PDF)
The Scholarly Paper: A worked example for Nursing 390 (PDF)
WAC/WID for English Language Arts students (PDF)
The Position Paper: A worked example for Nursing 394 (PDF)
Writing Persuasively: A worked example for Mechanical Engineering 200 (PDF)
Nursing 307: The Scholarly Paper (PDF)
What do Engineering students need to know about writing? (PDF)
Human Ecology WAC Presentation (PDF)
Writing for Success: 'Not everything has to be mathematics' (PDF)
Writing to Persuade: A worked example for Pharmacy 387: Pediatrics and Geriatrics (PDF)
Nursing 307: The Scholarly Paper (PDF)
Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Writing (PDF)
Write your Future: Arts Career Day (PDF)