University of Alberta Writing Resources

STUDENTS: Writing Centres/Workshops on Academic Writing (click here for poster)

Augustana Writing Centre
Centre for Writers (North Campus) 
Bilingual Writing Centre/Centre d’écriture bilingue (Campus Saint-Jean)
Writing Resources (Student Success Centre, Student Services, North Campus)    


General Writing Help (Research, Writing and Citing--Academic Papers) 
Help with Academic Citation--
    Citation style guides
    Ref Works
Library Guide to Writing Studies

FACULTY: Support for Instructors, Departments and Faculties 

Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines


External Writing Resources

University of Calgary WAC Workshop (1995)
Humber College's WAC project
University of Prince Edward Island writing intensive courses
Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina College) WAC Project (1995 report)
Writing Centres, Writing Seminars, Writing Culture: Teaching Writing in Canadian Universities
Western University Canada, Writing Rhetoric and Professional Communication
University of Western Ontario, Writing Support Centre
University of Toronto, Books and Articles on Writing in the Disciplines
The University Writing Council, University of Prince Edward Island

United States of America
WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University
Resources at Darthmouth
WAC at George Mason University
Indiana University List of Articles on WAC
"Language" by Stephen Frye, a podcast against grammatical correctness
WAC at Loyola University New Orleans
MIT Resources for Teachers
North Carolina State University's Writing and Speaking program
WAC at Northern Illinois University
WAC and WID at Purdue University
WAC at the University of Richmond
Indiana University Bloomington Campus Writing Program