Educational Technology

The CTL supports instructors at the university to effectively use educational technologies and spaces through:


CTL offers workshops for instructors, staff, and graduate students on effective, research-informed teaching and assessment strategies which include the available campus technology.
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Consultation in Building Quizzes in eClass, eClass Quiz Building Service, eClass Gradebook Service

CTL is pleased to offer individual (or small group) consultations on building quizzes in eClass, eClass quiz building services or eClass Gradebook support services.
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Educational Technology & Software Consultations

CTL can provide guidance and advice for instructors, departments or faculties wishing to increase or change the way they use technology in their programs or courses.
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Cameron B-12 Interactive Classroom

Our collaborative learning classroom provides a 42 seat, flexible, high density wireless equipped teaching space where instructors can experiment with collaborative learning technologies and techniques. This space features 8 large screen monitors for groups of students to work on simultaneously; their work can be shared with other groups or the whole class instantly. Instructors can book the room for one session, one course module, or the whole semester. Consultations with CTL are available to instructors before and during their use of the space. Contact: 780.492.2826 or

Lecture Capture
Swivl Robot

Swivl Robot
Our friendly video recording robot can be checked out by any instructor who wants to record their lectures. The Swivl camera swivels or rotates to track the instructor's movements around the classroom. Instructors use their own cell phones or tablets to record video for critique by themselves or trusted peers. They could also record video of classes to post online to help students review course material. Contact: 780.492.2826 or