Concepts in Course Design

Are you starting a course from scratch? Are you redesigning a course that needs some fine-tuning? Or are you in need of some information and resources to make your course student-focused?

Our Concepts and Course Design lessons will lead you through the information as well as practice activities that you can apply toward creating or recreating a course that is well-balanced and student-focused.

At any time if you are interested in meeting with one of our Educational Developers to discuss the course design process or any of its individual elements, please email to set up an individual appointment.

The goals of the Concepts and Course Design lessons are to:

  1. introduce principles of course design, enabling participants to apply the concepts of course goals, learning outcomes, instructional strategies, assessment, and alignment to their teaching practice.
  2. encourage reflective practice as a continuous aspect of improving teaching and student learning.
  3. provide research-informed tools and strategies to assist participants in creating engaging learning-focused activities.

Watch online tutorials & download resources

Building a Course Outline

Introduction to Concepts and Course Design

Creating Course Goals

Creating Learning Outcomes

Instructional Strategies for Student Learning


Course Design in Practice