The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers consultations on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

The Development of Teaching

These consultations cover a variety of topics, but are often related to course development and/or teaching reflection. Some examples of questions that may be addressed in these consultations with an educational developer are:
  • I want to change an assignment in my course. How can I develop and assess this assignment?
  • What is a teaching philosophy statement and how do I write one?
  • I am looking to integrate new technology into my classroom assessment. What types of technology are available to me and which might best fit my classroom environment?
  • What are learning outcomes and how do I write them?
  • My students are not participating as much as I would like in my course. Can we discuss strategies to increase participation?
  • What are my USRI’s really telling me?
  • How can I revise my current course into a compressed course or online format?

Our Associate Directors are also available for consultations, and have expertise in Teaching Writing, Educational Technology, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Curriculum.

For more information on our staff members and their expertise, please click here.

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