Digital Pedagogies and Writing Across the Curriculum


Communities of Practice and Care

Expressions of Interest:
Community of Practice: A group of educators who “interact, share, and participate in a particular cultural practice over time, [and who then] develop their understanding about the practice, about who they are, and about what they know in relation to the community and its goals” (Jiminez-Silva & Olsen, 2012, p. 335). Given the implications of the ongoing pandemic on teaching and learning, I would like to make space for a community of practice and care that emphasizes and prioritizes care as integral to writing pedagogies and praxis. This Community is open to educators across campus, including instructors, graduate students, and parafaculty educators engaged in teaching and learning.

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Topic: Equitable, engaging, and sustainable approaches to writing instruction across disciplines (June 1 - August 17, 2022)

Time Commitment: Twice per month for 60 minutes

Facilitated by: Mandy Penney (she/her), Lead Educational Developer, Digital Pedagogies and Writing Across the Curriculum, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Format: Virtual, synchronous; low-stakes, collaborative series of semi-structured supportive conversations. Any further decisions regarding format and preparation (e.g., pre-readings, reflections, etc.) to be determined by participants.

Aims/Outcomes: Working together as a group, we will decide the key themes we will address in our community. Some possible topics include the following:

  • Assignment types beyond traditional academic papers
  • Building reciprocity, respect, and relationality in teaching/learning spaces
  • Equity-informed approaches to writing assessment
  • Developing in-class writing workshops
  • Anticolonial approaches to writing instruction
  • Communities of support: possible collaborations and communities across campus

Capacity: Since communities of practice work best when they are smaller, this CoP/C will be capped at 12 participants. However, I am open to developing further CoPCs where there is an interest.

Want to join our summer Community of Practice and Care? Fill out the Expression of Interest here!