Open Education

Teaching in the open: making some or all aspects of your
learning environment available and accessible to the public.
“When we share, everyone wins”

CTL Open Pedagogy Community of Practice

Each term the Open Pedagogy Community of Practice gathers as a learning community to explore open pedagogy and teaching with OER (open educational resources). We co-create programming to navigate the landscape of open practice by sharing teaching strategies, resources, and experiences. Participation is open to any individual at any stage of their open education journey.

Next Meeting: August 24, 2021 (1 pm - 3 pm)

Open Teaching

Open Teaching

This video provides examples of open teaching (also known as open educational practices (OEP) or open pedagogy). Watch here

Open Educational Resources: What and Why

Open Educational Resources: What and Why

This video provides a high-level view into what open educational resources (OER) are and why instructors choose to use or create OER. Watch here


University of Alberta Open Education Symposium 2021

Missed the 2021 Open Education Symposium? View recordings of the keynote and presenations. Learn more


The Core of Open Education? Generosity

CTL's open education lead Krysta McNutt sees the values that underpin open education pervading instructors' work at the U of A. Read more