What’s Possible?

Instructors at the University of Alberta share a core value of generosity. It is evident in the countless hours dedicated to preparing student learning experiences, and it is increasingly represented in the UofA instructor contributions to their field of practice through open educational resources and open pedagogies.

Below, you will find examples of UofA instructors’ open educational resources and practices. These posters are only a snapshot of the instructors’ work, and a glimpse of what is possible.

Biology Media Collection

Project Lead: Rachel Brown
Department of Biological Sciences

This project resulted in the creation of an image collection to benefit the Department of Biological Sciences and other science-based departments by conducting a needs assessment of the department, curating existing openly licensed images and creating OER (open educational resources) content to supplement course materials not currently available as an OER. Learn more

Cellular Biology VR

Instructor: Dr. Paul LaPointe
Course: Cell 101 (Introduction to Molecular Cell Biology)

This project increases accessibility of existing cellular biology virtual reality (VR) activities for other instructors and designed multiple new VR activities. Learn more

Dentistry Community Education

Instructor: Dr. Maryam Sharifzadeh-Amin
Course: DDS 545-2 - Advanced Pediatric Dentistry

This project updated an existing oral health education materials as an OER (open educational resource) for adaptation and use in the School of Dentistry's paediatrics curriculum, practicing dentists, and community educators. Learn more

OER for Elementary Social Studies

Instructor: Dr. Sharla Peltier
Course: EDEL 335 Elementary Social Studies

This project conducted a critical review of existing First Nations, Métis, and Inuit education materials in Alberta relevant to teaching Social Studies. The project also worked to customize OER (open educational resources) for the teaching of pre-service teachers and for use by social studies elementary teachers. Learn more

OER for Scientific Literacy

Instructor: Claire Scavuzzo
Course: SCI 101 Foundations of Science

This project focused on finding and customizing OER (open educational resources) to highlight the learning objectives of the course, SCI 101 (Scientific Literacy and Critical Thinking). Learn more

OER in Elementary Mathematics

Instructor: Dr. Steven Khan
Course: EDEL 316 (Communication Through Mathematics Education)

This project focused on finding, using, and customizing OER (open educational resources) to improve student learning and engagement in EDEL 316 (Communication Through Mathematics Education), a required course for pre-service elementary teachers. Learn more

Open Digitized Hematology

Instructor: Valentin Villatoro
Course: MLSCI 330 (Clinical Hematology)

This project took a large collection of stained hematology microscope slides and developed them into a digital collection open to the public for educational use. Learn more

Visualizing Mathematics for Engineering

Instructor: Dr. Zaher Hashisho
Course: ENVE 423

This project focused on enhancing an existing online interactive tool which visualizes mathematical scenarios. The tool was enhanced to support ENVE 423 (Principles of Air Quality Management and Control) and the code was openly licensed to allow reuse in other disciplines. Learn more