SoTL Scholars Program

SoTL Scholars Program

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) seeks to understand or improve student learning and the teaching approaches and practices that affect student learning. Research on teaching, or SoTL, is a scholarly activity in which an instructor engages in careful planning, evaluation, and dissemination of their study in order to inform their own teaching and also to influence practice beyond their own classroom. It is practiced across all disciplines in higher education and thus employs a wide range of lenses and methods (Miller-Young & Yeo, 2015, p. 39). SoTL researchers seek to understand their students’ learning better and what they are experiencing in their learning by exploring the effectiveness and desirability of what they do in and through higher education.

The SoTL Scholars Program seeks to support instructors who wish to systematically study their teaching strategies to develop SoTL capacity at the University, positively impact students’ learning, stimulate discussions about what works in teaching and learning, and improve the teaching and learning environment.

The SoTL Scholars Program will provide opportunities for new as well as experienced instructors to receive tailored support to 1) try innovative teaching strategies, 2) systematically evaluate them, and 3) disseminate the results in a scholarly venue. Applications are invited from all academic faculty members and academic teaching staff.

The SoTL Scholars Program entails

  • Individual consultations: working with a CTL Educational Developer to effectively design or refine the teaching strategy and/or with the CTL Research Coordinator to develop research questions and methods (optional).
  • Collaboration meetings: scholars will meet approximately every three weeks with a multidisciplinary cohort of other SoTL program participants, facilitated by CTL (required).
  • Developing research questions, approaches, and dissemination

    Participants will:
    • Have access to a team of graduate research assistants (GRAs) who assist with the literature review, ethics application, data collection, and analysis; GRA team facilitated by CTL.
    • Present findings within the cohort and at an institutional venue (e.g. department meeting, co-present a CTL workshop, Festival of Teaching and Learning).
    • After completion and presentation at the Festival of Teaching and Learning, will have access to a TLEF Professional Teaching Development grant for presenting at a scholarly conference.

Selection Criteria

Please note that a limited number of projects are accepted for each cohort. Projects will be evaluated on the merit of their research topic, clarity of the research question, and availability. A completed PDF of this application form should be submitted to the Strategic Initiatives Manager, Centre for Teaching and Learning, c/o  Questions about the program can be directed to Associate Director Neil Haave through CTL's request a consultation form.

Expected Timeline

SoTL Scholars Program

Reference List

Miller-Young, J., & Yeo, M. (2015). Conceptualizing and communicating SoTL: A framework for the field. Teaching and Learning Inquiry, 3(2), 37-53.

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Also see (Research on Teaching and Learning Resource page).

Application Form

Download and complete the application form and e-mail to