Ad Hoc Committee Report on Honorary Degrees

In Fall 2018, an Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of academic and community leaders from Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada, was convened to:

  • Consider best practices for honorary degree recipient selection;
  • Consult on best practices respecting the honorary degree recipient selection process; and
  • Make recommendations to the Senate respecting the honorary degree recipient selection process at the University of Alberta.

The recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee will help the Senate ensure that its honorary degree processes continue to both reflect the values of the University of Alberta and are consistent with best practices.

Please find the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Honorary Degrees here.

An honorary degree is the University of Alberta's highest honour, celebrating inspiring individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in all fields of endeavour. In receiving this honour, recipients reflect the University of Alberta's vision, values, and commitment to the public good; thus, periodic review of the selection process ensures that the highest standards continue to be upheld. 

Under the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta, the conferral of honorary degrees is the responsibility of the University of Alberta Senate, an independent body of diverse community leaders, government appointees, and university representatives. 
In its 2017-2021 University of Alberta Senate Strategic Plan, the Senate committed to: "enhance the honorary degree nomination, selection, and conferral process, continuing to recognize and profile outstanding local, national, and international leaders."