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U School Program Lead

The Program Lead coordinates all aspects of the U School program, including scheduling, sponsor relations, volunteers, promotion and recruitment of schools. Keeping in mind the big picture of the program, the Program Lead supports Senate’s U School Advisory and Fundraising & Outreach Committees and is responsible for U School Convocation, relationship building and long-term planning.

U School Classroom Facilitators (2)

The Classroom Facilitators are responsible for the day-to-day facilitation of the U School program.  They are the primary contact for classroom teachers participating in the program and ensuring the schedules that the Program Lead develops come to life for U School participants.   The Classroom Facilitator is the front-line staff for U School and helps manage and support the volunteers who present, mentor and are interviewed by students.  They are also responsible for administrative duties related to their roles and assist the Program Lead in planning and promotion of the program.

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