Classroom Mentors

These volunteers are the backbone of U School. This is an opportunity for people from the university community to interact with the students in large groups, small groups and individually. We want the students to meet and get to know as many people as possible from the U of A and learn more about our institution and what it has to offer them and our community.

Your role is to

  • work with the students in small groups
  • help students with small group activities
  • help students with their journaling or sketching (this may be giving ideas or even scribing for some children who need it)
  • take groups from one activity site to another and help makre sure we keeping the visiting students together when we are moving around campus
  • be a role model for U School students
  • be friendly and get to know the students and let them get to know you
  • tell the U School students about your experience at the U of A

We are looking for diverse group of volunteers who do many different things on campus. Our goal is for the students to be able to see themselves on campus and it helps when they someone who looks like them. We ask for people to volunteer for at least one half day commitment (9:30 - 12:00 pm or 12:00 - 2:30/2:45 pm). However, you are welcome to volunteer as many times as your schedule will allow.

Our registration websites (hosted through Eventbrite) allow you to select when you would like to volunteer and ask you to provide us with some basic information about yourself. You will receive an automated confirmation right away. You do not need to print off any tickets to bring with you. Closer to your volunteering time, you will receive an email with more details about what will be happening. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Journalling in HUB

Classroom Mentors share their experiences with U School Participants