In periods of change, a bold vision for the future is essential. The University of Alberta has such a vision in Dare to Discover and Dare to Deliver. This vision is rooted in history and tradition, especially our continued commitment to the university’s founding promise that we will strive for the uplifting of the whole people. At the same time, our vision leads into the future—a future shaped by the primacy of knowledge and innovation, blurred international boundaries, intensified competition, and shared global challenges.

Like all other institutions of higher education, the University of Alberta is now at a turning point. We are in an excellent position to expand our leadership role and to influence and shape new directions in the post-secondary landscape, but to do so, we must continue to change and evolve in response to changes affecting the public we serve.

Maintaining the integrity and vitality of the U of A's vision in this period of change is paramount.  To preserve, strengthen, and effectively support the U of A’s core mission of excellence in teaching, research, and service, the Board of Governors developed a change agenda in April 2013 based on a set of high level strategic commitments from the board and deliverables from the president.  The board’s Change Agenda consists of the following:

Commitments from the board:

  1. Recommits to its primary responsibility of accountability for the vision of excellence.
  2. Provides the president with greater ability to recruit, retain and reward excellent faculty and staff.
  3. Provides the president with a clear mandate to address the U of A’s current critical pressures.
  4. Commits to joint advocacy and speaking with a unified voice.

Deliverables from the president:

  1. Clarifies decision making authority and roles and responsibilities with a view to improved governance.
  2. Develops a process to determine the institution’s centres of excellence.
  3. Develops a set of decision-making principles for the administration to apply to developing the long-term sustainable budget model and balancing the short term budgets.
  4. Reports back to the board on priority actions, risk and change management processes.

While it is the board’s role to provide the strategic direction for the university, it is the university’s senior administrative team’s role—in consultation with faculty, staff, and students—to develop plans to implement the board’s mandate. In an effort to address the board’s Change Agenda, the university developed a three-year Action Plan over the summer months of 2013, focused on four strategic objectives: 

  1. Academic Transformation 
  2. Sustainable Financial Models
  3. Efficient Administration 
  4. Culture Change 

For an overview of the Action Plan, scroll to page 8 of the President's speech from the Fall 2013 University Address.

Along with Colloquy and presidential weekly email updates, Change@UAlberta is a primary source for information related to progress on the Action Plan. Please come back often to find updates on our progress.