Action Plan Objective 1: Academic Transformation

Presidential Visiting Committees


The Presidential Visiting Committees will serve as advisory bodies for the U of A’s President, Provost, and senior academic administration (including department chairs, deans, and vice-presidents). Each committee will assess, advise and offer perspectives regarding each faculty’s academic programming, research, and creative activities. Each committee will:

  • Evaluate the quality and productivity of a Faculty’s academic programs placing an emphasis on research, graduate student and post-doctoral trainee outcomes in realizing the aims of the university as set out in the University’s current vision document and academic plan;
  • Assess the Faculty’s standing nationally and internationally in comparison to peer institutions;
  • Contribute new ideas and identify new strategies to maintain or improve quality and quantity of achievement;
  • Stimulate continuous planning, self-assessment, innovation, risk-taking, and “adaptive evolution” in alignment with the institutional vision and goals.


Each Presidential Visiting Committee will:Provide a high level appraisal of the strengths of the assigned faculty’s:

  • Evaluate the strategic direction and priorities of their assigned faculty;
  • Provide a high level appraisal of the strengths of the assigned faculty’s:
      • identified  academic strengths
      • use, availability and allocation of resources
      • advancement and revenue generation
      • impact on community
      • effectiveness in promoting interfaculty and cross-faculty initiatives
      • engagement with research translation and community adoption
      • effectiveness and degree of community engagement
  • Benchmark the faculty’s key performance measures relating to:
      • Enrolment (Undergraduate, Graduate, International)*
      • International student recruitment and participation*
      • International collaboration
      • Fund-raising and revenue generation
      • Research productivity and impact
      • Graduate student recruitment and learning experiences
      • Measures of innovation and commercialization
  • Provide guidance and advice to the University of Alberta’s leadership to further support the key objectives of the faculty and the role of the faculty in the wider community.

* Where appropriate