Action Plan Objective 4: Culture Change

Role of General Faculties Council

The General Faculties Council (GFC) is the second-highest decision making body at the University of Alberta, after the Board of Governors. GFC looks after academic and student affairs.


  • Grants degrees and other credentials
  • Approves the university’s academic plan, programs, policies, and awards
  • Approves the University Calendar
  • Reviews disciplinary and appeal measures

Chaired by the presidentGFC has 158 members, including all university vice-presidents, all faculty deans, professors, students, librarians, and academic and non-academic staff.

GFC normally meets once a month, usually on the last Monday of the month. GFC has 11 committees which focus on everything from academic planning to facilities development.

The provost works in conjunction with the General Faculties Council. All policy and procedure decision are governed by General Faculties Council Policy Manual and the University of Alberta Policies and Procedures OnLine (UAPPOL).