Action Plan Objective 4: Culture Change

Role of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the highest decision-making body at the University. Members of the board are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor and the Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education, and are expected to make decisions that serve the greater good of the entire university. The BOG is responsible for the conduct, management, and control of the University of Alberta and all its property, revenue, business, and affairs.

The BOG appoints:

  • President
  • Vice-Presidents
  • The deans of all faculties
  • All members of the teaching staff. This duty has been  delegated to administration
  • The registrar
  • All members of the administrative staff.  (This duty has been delegated to administration

All senior administrators must first be nominated by the president before the BOG can approve the appointment.

The BOG allots funding from the university budget for:

  • The maintenance of buildings
  • The erection of new buildings
  • The acquisition of property
  • The establishment of new faculties, departments, and courses

The BOG also fixes the various fees charged in connection with university courses.

The BOG has seven standing committees:

Each committee has the authority to make certain decisions on behalf of the BOG in their area of responsibility. The extent of each standing committee’s decision-making power is detailed separately in their Terms of Reference.

The BOG and its standing committees meet regularlyEveryone is welcome to attend.

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