Action Plan Objective 4: Culture Change

Role of the Provost and Vice-President

Role of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

The provost is responsible for the internal management and governance of the university.

The provost is the senior vice-president and collaborates with the president in making policy on administrative and academic matters that affect the university as a whole.

The provost:

  • Ensures portfolios and goals aligned with the university's vision
  • Leads the academy
  • Leads overall institutional planning
  • Liaises with government and industry regarding academic programs and their funding
  • Coordinates international relations
  • Includes student issues in planning and decision-making processes

The provost works in conjunction with the General Faculties Council. All policy and procedure decision are governed by General Faculties Council Policy Manual and the University of Alberta Policies and Procedures OnLine (UAPPOL).