Dr. Ken Cadien


Nano-Materials Program Advisor
Canada Research Chair in Nanofabrication
Alberta Ingenuity Scholar in Nanofabrication

12-224 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
9211 - 116 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta Canada, T6G 1H9
Phone: 780.492.7380
Fax: 780.492.2881



Research Areas:

nanotechnology, atomic layer deposition, semiconductor processing at nanoscale dimensions, electronic materials

Research Interests

Because the development of nano-materials and devices and their integration into functioning nano-systems is reliant on powerful nanofabrication techniques, developing and exploiting nanofabrication is a strategic focus of Dr. Cadien's research. Dr. Cadien has made many significant breakthroughs in all aspects of chemical mechanical polishing which are documented in his many patents. Dr. Cadien also has been responsible for numerous breakthroughs in optical interconnects and plasmons, and in several other areas of semiconductor processing.