Xuehua Zhang


Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering
University of Alberta
Office: 12-380 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G1H9
Phone: 780 492 3279
Email: Xuehua.zhang@ualberta.ca
Website: Soft Matter & Interfaces Research Group

Research Interests

The research in the Soft Matter & Interfaces Research Group is collaborative and interdisciplinary. The areas span from colloid and interface sciences and engineering, physics of fluids to advanced materials. Current topics include:

  • Formation and properties of micro-/nano- scale bubbles and droplets
  • Chemical reactions of nanodroplets
  • (De-)wetting of liquid on complex surfaces
  • Evaporation in multicomponent systems
  • Dilution-triggered microphase separation
  • Functional surface microstructures for solar harvesting
Professor Xuehua Zhang, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta