Chemical and Materials Engineering

Inventory Tags

The University Administration requests that capital equipment with a value of over $5,000.00 be assigned an inventory tag. In order to make this procedure easier, an on-line form to request tags for capital equipment has been provided by the department.

Click here to access the form.

If your supervisor wishes to tag equipment for the purpose of asset management, this form can be used to request tags for this also.

Note: Your group has been assigned a unique ID for authenticating to use this form. You can obtain your authentication code from your supervisor. Once the tags have been assigned they can be picked up from Kevin Heidebrecht in Chemical & Materials Engineering Building 131.

Also note that Computer Support will tag all computer equipment that they order on your behalf, irregardless of the value - this will not be the responsibility of your group. The tags for computer equipment are used internally for asset management - specifically to track computer equipment and provide easy identification of equipment for service requirements and support requests.