Chemical and Materials Engineering

Lab Safety Resources

This page contains a list of links to safety resources on campus. They have been grouped under pages available for Chemical and Materials Engineering (CME) students and staff, and under Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) pages.

Department of Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety has online training courses, templates for hazards assessment and safe work procedures. It is also where you will find the link to chemical waste disposal. Follow this link to their home page.

Or look below for links to specific pages.

Safety Training

Online training is available for WHMIS, Laboratory Safety and Chemical Safety. To find these and other training courses, click here.


To find a template for hazards assessment, click here.

To find the template for safe work procedures, click here.

Working Alone Guidelines, click here.

Working Alone Template, click here.

Chemical Waste Disposal

The section of EHS which deals with waste chemicals is the hazardous waste disposal, click here

Or you can go directly to Chematix once you have your registered.

If you have to wear a respirator you must be fit tested. For more information about Personal Protective Equipment, click here.

Emergency Response Plans

for the Chemical & Materials Engineering laboratories, click here.

CME Safe Work Procedures/Safe Operating Procedures

You are required to write an SOP for any hazardous laboratory work. To help you write the procedures the Department has built a database with SOP’s written by fellow students. Select one that has content similar to the SOP you want to write. Modify it, date it, enter your name under author and submit it to be posted. Our goal is to have enough SOP’s listed that it becomes a simple exercise for you to write a procedure for every aspect of your research.

Use your CCID and password to log into the online SOP’s available here.

Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

You can find many sites for MSDS’s. The following are two popular sites.

The Chemical and Materials Engineering Graduate Students Safety Committee

The Committee invites all graduate students in the CME department and in other departments to join the committee. The members have organized a safety talk with an industrial guest, have researched, designed and are in the process of printing temporary labelling for laboratory containers. Videos to teach about writing hazard assessments are also being produced.

A few days before each committee meeting, an email is sent to the CME graduate students mailing list. The meetings usually take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm.

Lab Safety Videos