Chemical and Materials Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Robot Welder

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering offers Doctor of Philosophy degrees in:

PhD in Chemical Engineering

PhD in Materials Engineering

PhD in Process Control

The requirements for the PhD degree consist of:

  • successful completion of course work,
  • participation in seminars,
  • completion of the ethics course ENGG 600, and presentation of a thesis which embodies the results of independent research.
  • PhD students must pass a candidacy examination within 16 months of first registration in the program. PhD students must complete all the requirements within six years from the time they first register as graduate students. The current time to completion for our students is approximately 4.5 years.

The PhD minimum course requirement is six courses plus the ethics course. At least three courses must be 600 or higher level courses in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Students entering the PhD program with a Masters degree may obtain exemption for up to two courses at the discretion of the Associate Chair (Graduate).