NSERC Awards

NSERC supports the development of highly qualified Canadians in the natural sciences and engineering through a number of scholarships and fellowships programs.

These programs are intended to:

  • stimulate the interest of undergraduate students in research;
  • provide financial support to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows engaged in advanced studies and research; and
  • assist recent recipients of doctoral degrees in adding to their research experience.

NSERC scholarship support is limited to a maximum of four years full-time equivalent at the graduate level:

  • up to 24 months of support through CGS M, PGS M or IPS1* or a combination of these awards;
  • up to 36 months of support through CGS D, PGS D or IPS2* or a combination of these awards.

If you hold or have held a CGS from another federal granting agency (CIHR or SSHRC), you are not eligible to apply to NSERC for support at the same level.

* IPS includes all NSERC industrial postgraduate scholarship programs.