Chemical and Materials Engineering

Biomedical Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Biomedical and Regenerative Medicine applies engineering principles to the study of drugs and other medical technologies. Medical implants, such as artificial joints, can be developed or improved, while other investigators may study drug delivery using nanoparticles. Many of our researchers collaborate extensively with other departments throughout the University, including Pharmacy, Medicine and Surgery. They also have access to the National Institute of Nanotechnology, which contains a biochemistry lab facility.

Sample Research

Dr. Hasan Uludag, in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is currently pursuing a solution to poorly-healing broken bones. He is currently developing new nanotechnology to deliver bone-building materials to the site of injury, in the hopes of speeding healing and lowering fracture-related mortality rates.

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Robert Burrell

Hyun-Joong Chung

Stevan Dubljevic

Anastasia Elias

Janet Elliott

Hani Henein

Qingxia (Chad) Liu

Ravin Narain

John Nychka

Hasan Uludag

Larry Unsworth

Hongbo Zeng