Chemical and Materials Engineering

Careers in Chemical Engineering

Student in a lab
Oilsands Technician

Chemical reactions occur everywhere – in the production of food, cosmetics, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, polymers, steel and other metals, paint and other coatings, oil refineries, and gas plants – all of which are done in Alberta. This means that the list of career opportunities for trained chemical engineers is extensive and varied. Chemical engineers could find themselves doing any of the following:

  • Finding a way to manufacture AIDS drugs for all of Africa
  • Designing a manufacturing process for longer-lasting lipstick
  • Improving pulp mixing to decrease chemical use in paper production
  • Developing an biomedical “glue” for mending broken bones
  • Finding a way to sort out the sweetest peas in a vegetable packaging plant
  • Designing processes to clean up oil sands tailings ponds
  • Investigating fuel cell technologies for use in zero-emission cars

Cool Careers: Chemical Engineer (video)