Winter 2016

Photo courtesy Haoyang (Emmett) Yu

Renovations in the Chemistry Building


It's renovation time again! In Chemistry West, south wing, all three research floors have been approved for, and are now under, renovation.The Chem East undergrad labs E1-10 and E2-10 are being renovated with E1-14 and E2-14 to follow this spring. West south 4th & 5th floor renovations received federal infrastructure funding at the the end of the summer with completion planned for April 2018. The 3rd floor Chem West south reno was proposed by the architect and construction company as a value add in the bid process for the 4th & 5th floor project, and was approved mid-fall. The 3rd floor reno will be funded by a combination of F&O, Sustainability, and the Faculty of Science. 

E1-10 Reno                                
Chem W 3rd N Post-Reno

Chem W 3rd N Post-Reno             Chem West 3rd South

The Chem West work is starting on the 5th floor and moving down. All three floors have been decanted. Demo and asbestos abatement are well underway on the 5th and 4th, and are now beginning on the 3rd. Construction will begin in the spring. All the mechanical services (air handling, plumbing, electrical, etc) will be upgraded and moved in the process. The layout and design of the labs and associated spaces will be similar to the recently renovated north wing.

The Chem East work in the undergraduate teaching labs is moving from the south end towards the north. Organic lab E1-10 and, directly above it, GenChem lab E2-10, are scheduled for completion by the end of Winter term. E1-14 and E2-14 are next and should progress quickly using lessons learned from the first set. It is anticipated they will be completely renovated over the spring/ summer and be available for the start of Fall term 2017. The remaining undergraduate lab renovations in the East wing are on the master plan and are awaiting funding. Exciting times!


Congratulations to:

ISSS award winners!

This award celebrates the excellent teaching that goes on in the Faculty of Science.
Award winners from Chemistry:

Yoram Apelblat
Chris Brzezowski
Roy Jensen
Arthur Mar
Florence Willliams

Teaching Assistants:
Melis Gedik
Alex Gzyl
Wenjuan (Jason) Huang
Dong Zhang


2016 Department of Chemistry
Graduate Student Award Winners!
















Renovations in Chemistry Building

Jed Harrison, Outgoing Chair

The Chemistry Department has been excited that we saw the launch of another major renovation project in Chemistry West over the past academic year, supported by the Dean of Science and Facilities and Operations funding.  The third floor, north wing of Chemistry West was completely gutted, to an open shell last summer, and construction of five modern laboratory spaces, with student and faculty offices and a twenty seat meeting room is nearing completion.  The project is on schedule, with Li’s Proteomics and Metabolomics researchers, and Harrison’s microfluidics team planning to move into the fully redesigned and modernized lab space in late September 2016.

The renewed lab space follows the design implementation on the two floors above in the north wing of Chemistry West, which has been a very successful renovation and refreshing of a very old building.  The University has submitted grant applications to the Federal Government infrastructure renewal program, and we have hopes of extending this substantial modernization to the south wing of Chemistry West in the near future.



Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Todd Lowary, who recently received the 2015 ASTech Award for Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Science for his work in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry, with the potential for better diagnostic, treatments, and possible vaccines for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
  • Mark Miskolzie, (NMR lab) who has won the Nat Rutter Outstanding Technician of the Year award. Mark will receive  a cash prize and certificate from the Alberta Chapter of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, that sponsored the award.