Sample Costs

Analyses External1 Internal1

FTIR (see FTIR Instrumentation page for techniques available)

$60/sample2 $50/sample2
Polarimetry $40 $30
UV/Vis (190-1100 nm) $150/hr3 $150/hr3
Circular Dichroism (UV/Vis, 185 - 700 nm) $150/hr3 $100/hr3
Fluorescence (250 - 800 nm)
$150/hr3 $100/hr3

Elemental Analysis by Combustion (C,H,N,S, and O). Note - An additional instrument setup fee of $150 is charged for Oxygen analysis

Titrations - Argentometric (Cl, Br & I), Potentiometric, Acid/Base $60/sample $50/sample
Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) $150/hr3 $100/hr3
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) $150/hr3 $100/hr3
Water Determination (KF Coulometric or Volumetric) $60/sample $50/sample
Weighing (0.1 microgram sensitivity) $15/sample $10/sample


$150/hr3 $100/hr3
GC-MS Spectral Search $150/hr3 $100/hr3
Analytical HPLC (MS, UV-Vis, Fluorescence) $150/hr3 $100/hr3
Semi-Preparative HPLC (MS, UV-Vis, Fluorescence) Contact Manager for Quote Contact Manager for Quote
Other Analyses
Refractive Index
 $40/sample  $30/sample
TOC (Organic Carbon, Inorganic Carbon)  Contact Manager for Quote Contact Manager for Quote 
ChemWell T Analyzer System Contact Manager for Quote  Contact Manager for Quote 
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS)  Contact Manager for Quote Contact Manager for Quote 

1External refers to non-university customers. Internal refers to customers outside of the Chemistry Department but within the university.

2An hourly rate may be charged at the manager's discretion depending on sample requirements or data manipulation. The minimum charge is 0.5 hours at the rate specified.

 3The minimum charge is 0.5 hours at the rate specified

NOTE: A 100% surcharge is levied for all "RUSH" analysis requests.  Normal analysis turnaround time is five (5) working days.