Before starting lab work all new staff, faculty, students, visiting researchers and volunteers are required to complete the following online training and in-class department safety orientation.

Step by step instructions are available below AND in the eClass courses:

Department of Chemistry Safety Orientation eClass course (for supervisors)

Department of Chemistry Safety Orientation eClass courses (for non-supervisors)

Questions: Email or

Complete Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Requirements BEFORE Attending the In-Class Seminar


  1. Complete HSE online courses and save a copy of your certificates*:
    1. WHMIS
    2. Laboratory & Chemical Safety
    3. Complete the mandatory HSE online Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention course (**see below)
    4. Supervisory EHS Professional Development (**see below) - only for Supervisor course; not required for Non-Supervisor course
  2. Submit your Certificates in the eClass course (Part II)

Register for the Department of Chemistry Safety Orientation eClass Course and Complete the Quiz BEFORE Attending the In-Class Seminar

Attend the Next Scheduled In-Class Seminar:


May 9th from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm in Chemistry E3-25


If you are unable to attend or are required to start work in the lab before the next in-class seminar you may submit a written assignment (see eClass course for details).

Provide a Grade Summary to Your Supervisor


  1. Visit the eClass course and click on "Grades" at the top left.
  2. Print or take a screen shot. Include your CCID and the course total grade.
  3. Submit to your supervisor.

Any Lab-Specific or Site-Specific and Additional Training Required by Your Supervisor.


These are available on the HSE training course page.


*There are other online training courses available through HSE that may be required depending on the work you will be doing. Please check with your supervisor.

**The University requires all supervisors to complete the Supervisory HSE Professional Development course and module 2 of the Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention course. You are a supervisor if you are in charge of a work site or are directing the work of someone else. Typically this includes TAs, Research Associates, Lab Coordinators, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows. Not sure if this is you? E-mail or ask your supervisor.